Finding your own healing: Tips

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The times are harsh and condescending with the ongoing second Covid wave in India. It is thus imperative to understand that as and when we share resources to help others , we are taking small breaks to check upon our mental/ physical health as well. The journey is not a bed of roses and thus we need to stay focused on our well- being too. Nothing much can be done with an empty vessel. Here are a few ways through which you can check upon your mental health during such a strident hour.

  1. Journal your thoughts: It is hard at this hour to speak or rant our emotions to anyone close to ourselves. People are losing loved and dear ones every hour. The need for prayers and resources is increasing and is much needed. But during such hours, it is important to check with our thoughts and mind. The kind of thought we hold on is what we shall become thus journaling can be evocative. Try writing thoughts, channelizing your energies on a sheet of paper about how you feel, what made your survive this particular day. Write about small wins, your fears that should help clear out your mind.
  2. Gratitude and Forgiveness: Life was never about blame game. The art of cultivating more self love towards ourselves is crucial at this hour. Practicing being grateful each day can make our personality shine out. It will take time but it will happen. As we are unsure of the world more than before we need to accept are flaws rather than blaming others for a situation. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing if applied in our everyday lives. It is more about setting yourself free, moving ahead.
  3. Create Something: So let me speak something honestly here, As a Newsletter curator, writer I find myself sinking in the pit when it comes to create Art even when the soul is dying. But I have realized how it is okay to go slow with the process. The next time, you want to create something but are unable to decipher the ways of doing it, try doing it in small portions. Rather than creating something to soothe the audience, just scribble, doodle or do your best project for your own happiness. Document your thoughts in the way you want it to look. Trust me, this will make you feel lighter.
  4. Experience NatureEven if it’s looking at a picture-: There is no doubt we all are finding ways to feel the beauty of nature again but since the situation does not allow, looking at the open sky in the morning or even feeling the ripples of water, chirpings of the bird in the morning sunshine can do so much of wonders. There is nothing more relaxing than looking at the nature’s beauty and cherishing everything it has to deliver us.
  5. Connect with other people– Share your grief, thoughts with others too. Your pain is not just for you to bear. Make video calls to your loved ones, check up on them. Make sure you are kind enough to everyone you meet. Make sure they are not left out or isolated, mentally. Be there for them too.

Remember, one of the best ways to heal yourself is also when you allow healing to happen to you. It’s a process.

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