India’s Top Book Bloggers: Updated List 2023

India’s Top Book Bloggers: Updated List 2023

Book blogging has become an increasingly popular hobby for readers all over the world. The cafes in Britain, meant for the discussion of books, gave rise to a culture that blossomed into groups like the Bloomsbury group to discuss several critical issues. Now, book blogging represents the modern version of this culture. In the present days, the book blogging community in India has grown significantly. There are several bloggers sharing their love for books and literature on various social media platforms.

These bloggers have become essential to the publishing industry, providing a platform for new and emerging authors to reach a wider audience. The Indian book blogging community is a diverse and talented group of people. These people are passionate about reading and sharing their thoughts and opinions on the latest books they have read. Many of these bloggers have large followings on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They have established themselves as influential voices in the literary world. Find the names of India’s top book bloggers and their details. In our previous article, we discussed How to Publish a Book in India. Now, lets understand about book blogging and book bloggers in India.

Why book bloggers?

An important aspect of getting books reviewed is the point of recommendation. Book bloggers have a wide experience of reading many books of varying genres. This increases their expertise in recommending as well as spreading the word about the new book that is to reach the audience. Also, book bloggers give certain insights that can help the authors grow. It can also help implement ideas for improvement in their upcoming projects. This further helps them explore their artistic as well as writing capabilities. Hence, book bloggers indeed play a vital role in making the book reach its ideal readers.

Book bloggers in India:

In this article, we have compiled a list of book bloggers who have been in the field for a long time. While there are many book bloggers in India, these are the few that promise quality.

Akhila Saroha

Akhila, also known as the unquoter, ranks among India’s top book bloggers. Her style of reviewing objective, while adhering closely to established reviewing parameters. Trained by the best minds, she has been in the field for almost a decade now. At present, she continues to read more out of habit.


India's top book bloggers

Mohit Sharma

Also known as MO reads, Mohit Sharma is an amazon verified reviewer who is also an avid reader. His style is marked by his not being restricted to any genre of books and reading all that he can lay his hands on. Here are his media links and contact details:
Email: π‘©π’π’π’Œπ’“π’†π’—π’Šπ’†π’˜π’”.π’Žπ’@π’ˆπ’Žπ’‚π’Šπ’.π’„π’π’Ž


Camelia has been in the book blogging world for a long time now. Having reviewed more than 1300 books, she has also been featured in BuzzFeed books. She is an active book blogger and known for the quality which she gives. Check out her social media links:

Atul Sharma

Atul Sharma has been an active book blogger who has not only shared book reviews but is also involved in other activities like unboxing, community engagement and other events. This takes him to different book events and activities and hence, knowing authors personally. Here are his media links:

Rutuja Ramteke

Having been reading for 15 years now, Rutuja has reviewed 2000+ books while also being a movie buff. She often shares her life as she balances multiple roles while keeping her passion for reading intact.


Apart from being a book blogger, Amit has also been active in sharing growth and marketing tips while focussing on reading non-fiction more. In addition, he also shares some thoughtful details, life lessons and insights from his digging as a reader and enriches the understanding of his followers.

Manpreet Kaur

The book blogger with 7 years of experience in the field, Manpreet Kaur is a book blogger as well as youtuber with a huge subscriber base. Her youtube reviews of books are quite popular. TOI, The Hindu, IndianExpress, and BBC have all featured her for her outstanding work as a book blogger.


Mounika is among the rising book bloggers of the day. She is known to keep her viewers interested by posting book images with new ideas. At the same time, she also keeps her readers engaged by different activities.

India's top book bloggers


The book blogger provides crisp and specific reviews that include ratings and just the right amount of details, without giving away spoilers. In addition, he frequently interviews authors based on their books, revealing an interesting side of the book creation process to readers.

Md Akhlaq

An advocate by profession but a reader at heart, Md Akhlaq is also the founder of SMA reviews. He is known for handpicking books and posting interesting information related to books and different genres.

Book bloggers: A conclusion

Even though there are numerous book bloggers, these are the ones who have been involved with both authors and publishers for a long time. They will continue to be in the field for their love for reading. At the same time, they may also offer additional services beyond reviewing books. Do connect with them and hear their insights. All the best!

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