Interview with J P Desai author of the book The Blossoming Lotus

Interview with J P Desai author of the book The Blossoming Lotus

Soudia Parveen: A heartfelt congratulation for the publication of your book “The Blossoming Lotus”. How have been the responses towards the book till now?

J.P. Desai: All the poems in ‘The Blossoming Lotus” has been already published on an online app. Within just one year over 28 thousand readers have read the poems. This response is awesome. Thousands of known people cheered the release of the book.

Soudia Parveen: You have taken a great step in writing such a book filled with incredible Poetries! What in real inspired you to do so and how has been the outcome?

J.P. Desai: Reading habit right from the childhood made the literature, study up to M.A., taught English for 35 years, involved in family development for fitty years; didn’t write, only constant reading. Found solace in writing English poems after the sordid death blow of wife confirming poet P.B. Shelly saying,” Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thought”

Soudia Parveen:  It’s disheartening to learn about the demise of your wife? Was the love Poetries dedicated to your beloved? What message do you want to provide all the love birds out there?

J.P. Desai: I had been experiencing all sorts of odds, sorrows, sufferings, struggles, my wife stood with me in all those hazards. Naturally all the poems have been dedicated to her. I would rather suggest to young lovers to be restraintful, tolerant and submissive to each other heading towards long healthy married life for peace and prosperity.

Soudia Parveen:   It has been noted that the book has a different taste in the form of Poetries where our country’s pride and gratitude to the soldier’s has also been quoted? How come you managed to write all such Poetries?

J.P. Desai: The vast reading, deep thinking, having variety of experiences, commitment to the family, society, nation, humanity are bound to express in different tastes and styles enriching the poetry.

Soudia Parveen: For the reader it will be very interesting to read about the different states and its culture. Do you love travelling? Did these Poetries an outcome of your travelling diaries? What more do you want to add up to in this context?

J.P. Desai: Though born and brought up in the vicinity of nature, fascination about it remains constant. I have been undertaking extensive travelling, visiting different landscapes, longing to go round the world watching panorama of the earth.

Soudia Parveen: You have written many poems on Kashmir’s beauty and elegance? Are there any memories attached with the particular place which makes you write so beautifully?

J.P. Desai: The most memorable visit to Jammu and Kashmir for nine days along with wife was the most satisfactory, living in houseboat, shikara ride in Dal Lake, riding on horses, Gandola car, skating, playing with ice balls, trading on mountain admiring the beautiful gardens. The heaven on the earth was memorable for ever because of beloved wife’s company.

Soudia Parveen: When exactly did you start writing? Is it something which was within you for ages? Which genre do you write the most?

J.P. Desai: The suffocated, supressed, lingering thoughts and emotions for ages found an outburst through variety of poems after the sudden death blow of the wife, appeared on an app; received thumping response shaped in ‘The Blossoming Lotus’ poetry book.

Soudia Parveen: What kind of strategy do you personally suggest to the beings, especially for those who put emphasis in writing rhythmic Poetries and not focus on the emotions?

J.P. Desai:  Rhythmic writing as it has been said is only the craft whereas the emotions diluted ones are considered artistic poems. Mine are the natural flow of sentiments as readers have found.

Soudia Parveen:  In conclusion to the book, what message do you want to leave for the reader as well as the budding writers? In future, will you come up with more such books, containing more incredible Poetries?

J.P. Desai:  It’s not necessary for all to go through any odd, hazardous experiences. Let your heart and brain be spacious enough to accommodate all sorts of events, persons, places. The favourite poet Rober frost’s famous lines would express my present mind-set.

    “Woods are lovely dark and deep

     But I have promises to keep

     Miles to go before I sleep

     Miles to go before I sleep”

J.P. Desai:  Young enthusiastic reader Soudia Parveen deserves kudos for reaching the essence of The Blossoming Lotus and for sharing the poet J.P. Desai’s grief.  Best wishes and the blessings for promising literary critic. 

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