Mistakes are Markers

Mistakes are Markers

Now more than ever we need to focus on customized approach for learning and teaching, where either at home learning or tutor based learning we help them identify their gaps, errors, mistakes through insights and through a guided method help them work and rectify them. To identify the pattern not only in their learning but also with various skills like reading, writing, vocabulary, phonics, language, understanding, reading, analytical and logical skills or critical thinking. To identify this pattern a continuous effort and approach to keep track of their learning, progress and abilities is needed. Based on inputs from these a changed approach in teaching is needed to address those specific areas to work on. At a time, a single skill can be focused on or subject related difficulties can be given special importance through planning techniques followed by practice.

These mistakes when dealt at the right time of progress doesn’t build up to more complex issues later in academic years. Yes, the time, pace and strategy for each difficulty and each child may vary. A regular assessment to keep track of progress made, if not to find other techniques to make clear those points or using other learning methods that may suit or connect better to the child. This requires continuous dedication and regular assessment by using formative assessment be part of their regular learning to check for their understanding.

Some ways this can be implemented is using summary and build up method where index to topics covered can be used to check their ability to build or make a complete description from their understanding. Using concept maps or graphical organizers to represent relationship, concepts, classification or flow of information. This helps to identify missing elements in the understanding. In reading with story based contents asking questions to check the understanding of flow, dialogue, drawing inferences and language use. For certain topics using practical implementation, kinesthetic assessment or simulations help to build better connections with the topics being learnt. Quizzes and MCQ designed to specifically check for common mistakes or misconceptions and then help them understand these differences and details.

Mistakes are markers not only for the student but for the tutor to take required steps in the process to improve and get the required outcomes by designing techniques and remedial action needed to work on those areas. This is a continuous process based on insights from assessment that is conducted regularly through various techniques to keep track and keep making necessary changes to clear the understanding behind those repeated mistakes.

Article by-Gayatri Bagayatkar

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