Of The Heart and Soul- A mellifluous Whisper – The Literature Times Magazine

Of The Heart and Soul- A mellifluous Whisper – The Literature Times Magazine

Poetry alone is the format of literary writing that gives the probability of being a little deceptive and keeping some surprises in store for the readers. However, what makes poetry reading even more exciting is the fact that those surprises can spring at any time. In the true sense of the word, “Of The Heart and Soul- A mellifluous Whisper: A Garland of Verses” by Piyali Mitra is more than merely a garland of verses as the subtitle signifies. When the readers begin with the collection, they realize that the collection features more than what the title states in the first few poems.

On looking at the cover of “Of The Heart and Soul,” the readers for once feel the Wordsworthian air flowing through the dimension of nature which the cover showcases. However, when they open it and begin to read through the preface, they get to know a lot more things that went into the writing of this poetry collection. The rest of the work is done by the poetry written. While the poems appear to be rooted in nature, their parallel interpretations with humanity and the world at large can be drawn instantly. They also appeal to the social and psychological aspects, which expands their applicability and relevance altogether.

In “Of The Heart and Soul,” which features around 20 poems, the author explores the subjects which may appear abstract to many. But the manner in which she gives words to her thoughts and feelings ensures that Mitra seems to be quite expressive and has clarity of thought. While in the preface, the poet declares that her objective behind writing this collection was to pay tribute to her mother, poems like “Ode to a Little Squirrel,” “Books- A Companion of My Heart,” “The Story of a Mariner” and a few others go beyond this objective. With these poems and many others, the author surprises the readers and shows her aesthetic sensibilities, which strike a chord with the hearts of the readers in no time.

The style of writing Mitra takes in “Of The Heart and Soul” is both unique and evolved through her creativity. She abstains from keeping poems of fixed lengths and focuses on conveying the thought with clarity and precision of thought. This poetry collection may find instant popularity among poetry lovers, but the ones who have not read much poetry and want to begin reading can also begin with Mitra’s book. While they would find abstract subjects being handled with an effortless style, they would also find that the language the author uses is friendly to the understanding of the readers.

Other poems like “A Fallen Leaf,” “Welcome October,” “The Divine Grace- Sarasvati” are likely to transport the readers to a different realm and give them an exceptional reading experience. Therefore, all readers are recommended to try reading “Of The Heart and Soul” and hear the mellifluous whisper that flows through Piyali Mitra’s writing in her poetry, which she calls a garland of verses.

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