Psycho-logy: What’s The Logic? – Soudia Parveen

Psycho-logy: What’s The Logic? – Soudia Parveen

In today’s date, many of us know what actually a “Counselor” does but there is an existence of beings who has a different and irrelevant notion on “psychology” and “counselor/psycho-therapist” Psychology involves “studying and understanding an individual’s overt and covert behavioural activities. “Psychology” is not only dealing with “psychopaths” but “psyche (mind)” and “responses”. Psychology is a vast field to study “within and around” an individual! Within this, there are a lot of day to day hassles which sometimes seek help from a professional (counsellor/therapist). No one is perfectly fine in their own lives. Instead, everyone is a victim of stress and mishappenings.

“Be Your Own Counselor”

Not everyone has the potentiality to accept what’s burdening them because analysing one’s thoughts and bringing change is sometimes difficult but not impossible. So in such cases we should avoid  “Overthinking and being Overconfident “We should not overthink about the consequences and try hard to solve (with or without a professional) whereas we shouldn’t be overconfident of what burdens us is not an abnormality. Yes it might not be an abnormality but seeking help is not an irrelevant idea. Keeping the things only within us leaving it untreated (with or without professional) might lead to serious issues such as Depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, phobias, hallucinations, delusions etc. which might further affect our health (such as :- diabetes, heart failure, stroke, cancer, etc) To put emphasis on, Cancer is not only caused through tobaccos or intoxicants but by major traumatic stress. Keeping all these in mind, one should learn to have a positive thinking and a basic knowledge to provide a “first aid” to their issues!

A fact to remember:

“Your heart is an apparatus,
Through which you speak!
If your heart showers negativities
You tend to be a defeatist,
And certainly project a gloom-ridden character on others!
If people judge’s you on account of your personality and behavior,
Then remember!
Somehow it is you, who made such a comfortable expression on others,
That now they have started pointing out negativities in you!
Similarly, people who makes verdict on you,
Sometimes project their own behavior on you!
Everything has a link, Everything is interrelated with each other!
In order to balance things
Try and avoid judging others,
And make yourself flawless!
Sort things out by yourself first,
Then depend on others perspective!”

There’s a most used proverb, “Look before you leap”            

What does this mean? It means that you shouldn’t act without first considering the possible consequences or dangers! In order to be safe and kind at the same time, you need to use your brain as well as your heart additionally! Try to exercise your actions, after thinking for a while and understanding the conflicts and then measure whether your behaviour is at odds with the interest of others! There’s no harm in thinking, analysing, and executing. Be your own counsellor first and then make a verdict accordingly for others! What if he/she is going through the same phase? We cannot understand one unless we feel the depth of it! Let’s spare ourselves with some time and explore without hesitation, and seek help from (Counsellors/psychotherapist) as per the needs and requirements. There is no harm in sharing thoughts with professional. They are here only to guide and help us recover. No one is a “psychopath”, we all are a being with pro’s and cons!

“To Be Felt Worthy, Make Others Feel Worth Their Existence “

Therefore will conclude with the most vulnerable issue “Suicide” (Quitting life voluntarily).

Let’s join hands and motivate ourselves as well as our near and dear ones by reminding them that we are there behind and beside one. From today let’s say this to everyone we meet – Life is precious!           

Feeling low? Feel free to talk to me!         
Suffering through depression?
Feel free to share your words with me!
Lacking a sense of Belongingness?
Feel free to tell me about it!
I promise to get you through it.
Feeling like to end up living?
Do not feel free to do it!   
Life is only for once,

Which provides you with different stages! Accept it as a game, And cross the levels with uttermost courage and wait for the rewards patiently!

Remember love, You are your own story’s hero! You are the protagonist! You can never fail! You just need to strive hard, You can do it, All the best!

– Soudia Parveen (Instagram: @soudia_parveen)

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