“US555: U! The Heart Of Billions” By Unique Yash-Book Review

“US555: U! The Heart Of Billions” By Unique Yash-Book Review

“The world is a not a sweet place for everyone, sometimes even the closest ones of yours can turn their back towards you and move away. So, all that matters is to keep moving ahead in your life, even when life offers you all the painful & harsh realities!”

This unique book, “US555: U! The Heart Of Billions” by Author Unique Yash tells the readers a very painful and yet a motivational story. The Author talks about some beyond the world things in this book, which are just imaginary but bit scary too. This book may amaze you with its extraordinary fictional tales or it may arouse some critical questions about the writing carried out by the author in his book. Moreover, there is not a single shred of doubt that this book is too unique, which is trying to tell the readers a story in a very eccentric manner!

Author’s Background: The whole world is in front of you that means ‘Unique Yash’is in front of you. The Author, Unique Yash is an Electrical Engineering 2nd year dropout student from Imperial Institute of Technology in Jaipur. The Author dropped out just because of his dreams, as he believed in two things after his father; the first is ingredients of dream while the second is that the only religion, which exists in this world, is “Hardwork Religion”.

The Author, Unique Yash along with the publisher, Evincepub Publishing have laid the foundation for this to change the world that is in front of you!

Book’s Introduction: The book, “US555: U! The Heart Of Billions” by Author Unique Yash is a “Tragedy Fictional Book” presenting the book readers with some real painful stories and preaching the message of fighting with the world in order to fulfil your dreams and responsibilities. The book tells the readers a very painful and harsh reality of the world that you are all alone and probably no one is going to be there with you forever!

The book further tells that one must fight with the world for the righteousness even when the person is all alone. As the Author believes that sometimes being all alone might be yours biggest asset.

In addition, the Author also believes in dreams, hardwork, sacrifices, passion, success and growth, which reflects in the stories of this book. As the author believes in the religion of hardwork, the stories in this book are narrating several events pertaining to hardships encountered by the author in his life!

Book Title: The title of this book, US555: U! The Heart Of Billions” is far to unique and bit uncommon too. Nevertheless, something this much unique will definitely make the readers feel the urge to pick up this book, so in a way we can conclude that the Author has been very clever to go with this book title.

Well, the title of the book will make you not only pick this book but also go through the whole book in order to understand the symbolism of this book title. Therefore, it reflects the smartness of the author to come up with such a unique book title!

Book Cover: Moreover, if we look towards the Book Cover then undoubtedly one can say that the cover is indeed alluring and creating a very positive impression towards the work of the Author. The book cover is making this Tragedy Fictional Novel look even more interesting and is indeed creating a very mesmerizing effect upon the readers.

Readers’ Connect: The uniqueness of this book, US555: U! The Heart Of Billions is that the Author has laid down the truth of the life in front of the readers. The harsh and the spine chilling truth that almost each one of us in this world is alone and we all need to learn the art of taking our independent stance in this world. As there are going to be times when even your closest ones will turn their backs towards you; hence, the only thing that will help you in those times of adversity is your ability of standing out for yourself without depending upon anyone else!

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like US555: U! The Heart Of Billions could be described as a “Tragic Tale of Motivation!” The readers can either understand the message, which the Author is trying to convey through his book or may fail in recognising the author’s message, since the book is too unique! Anyways that is something, which always gives the benefit of doubt to the author; therefore, the readers must pick up this book and give it a read.

Moreover, the Author has been very honest with his writing in this book, which actually makes it a MUST READ one! In addition Author, Unique Yash must be given a chance by the readers for his hard work.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09NP256YJ/

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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