An Interview with Author Binoy Raveendran

An Interview with Author Binoy Raveendran

The Literature Times: The title “Just Squeeze It” suggests a unique perspective on life. Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the title and how it encapsulates the theme of your book?

Binoy Raveendran: Existence is full of life, life in the sense not only human beings but other creatures and entities as well including plants, animals, nature, etc. We can capture a lot of good qualities and positive vibrations from the outside and can Squeeze it out to reflect them on our life, that is how the title encapsulates the theme. Chapters of the book are aligned with this thought.

The Literature Times: In “Just Squeeze It,” you cover various topics from compassion to hope to faith. What prompted you to explore these particular themes, and how do they connect to the day-to-day experiences of your readers?

Binoy Raveendran:  In this era of competition, greed, and luxury, we all forget the basis of humanity, which are human values like compassion, hope, faith, etc. Even in the midst of havoc, one can re-visit these human qualities to cling and tide over any odds he or she may encounter during the course of life.

The Literature Times: Your book is a collection of profound write-ups on various aspects of life. How did your personal experiences and observations influence the content and tone of your writing?

Binoy Raveendran: Most of the chapters directly or indirectly resonate with my own experiences and my perceptions towards others’ experiences, in a way my own experiences and other people’s experiences influence me a lot to mold my thought process and my perception towards life and everything about life, the same is reflected in this book.

The Literature Times: “Just Squeeze It” is positioned as a referral guide for day-to-day life. Can you share some practical insights or advice from the book that readers can apply to enhance their daily lives?

Binoy Raveendran:   In the chapter Abundance, I reiterated the need to help poor and oppressive people in our society and how the act of karma would play a role here .

In other chapters, you can see a lot of insights and thoughts that can inspire all kinds of readers and turbocharge them to face life’s realities and difficulties in day-to-day life with courage and awareness.

The Literature Times: As an author of both poetry and prose, how does your approach to writing differ between these two forms? Do you find that one form allows you to express certain themes or emotions more effectively?

Binoy Raveendran: For motivational books, prose is more suitable than poems, but to express my imagination well poems are better options, you can see a philosophical approach to life is the bedrock of my writings in both prose and the poems, but poems are always expressed through symbols and hidden meaning hence it may not convey author’s ideas to all readers equally, I like both versions to express my thoughts.

The Literature Times: You mention revealing how one’s perception of life can bring drastic changes. Can you share an example from your own life where a shift in perception had a significant impact?

Binoy Raveendran: Shift in perception is nothing but approaching life realities with a fresh mind, without any prejudice or preconceived notions, in a way our minds are conditioned a lot hence we approach any situation or entities via pre-framed lenses so actual things are distorted.

Better to take a moment to meditate, introspect, and approach life situations with a calm and quiet mind, which will give us a closer view of anything we encounter. Many of the experiences I called out in my book, all helped me to change my perception towards life.

The Literature Times: Living in Bangalore while hailing from Kerala, how have the cultural diversity and experiences from different regions influenced your writing, especially in capturing the essence of day-to-day life?

Binoy Raveendran: There was a cultural shock I experienced when I moved to Bangalore a decade ago but later, I observed a lot of things I could learn and reflect from any culture in the world.

Bangalore is a blend of all cultures, a miniature of India hence it is interesting to live, observe, and adapt to it, even you can frame your new thoughts by observing various human beings and their approaches to life.

The Literature Times: Your previous works include titles like ‘Sayings of Silence’ and ‘The Scent of Rocks at Dawn.’ How does “Just Squeeze It” fit into the broader themes or narrative you’ve explored in your literary journey?

Binoy Raveendran: My previous books were collections of poems, but the book “Just Squeeze It “is prose, a motivational cum philosophical guide for any sort of people, Here I tried to capture the philosophy of my life experiences, .and also from what I have read and saw till now so that others can read, reflect, and resonate the same in their life. I think prose can express life philosophy effectively compared to poems.

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