Significance Of Digital Author Dashboards

Significance Of Digital Author Dashboards

This mechanism of the Author Dashboard in order to view the ‘Sales Figures’ as well as the ‘Accumulation of the Royalty’ digitally is probably a boon for the Authors of the today’s generation. There is a great percentage of chance that you might be an Author if you are reading this article, upon the Author Dashboard System, so you can very well imagine how valuable assets are these Digital Author Dashboards. Now, imagine the life of Authors who were published before the digitalization of the world and before the internet being utilized in the Publishing Industry!

Seriously, the Authors who got their books published before the introduction of the internet in the Publishing Industry had to face so many difficulties just to view the performance of their books, which is now just a click away!

Therefore, what is this Digital Author Dashboard System and why is it so much useful for the Authors? In addition, why is this Author Dashboard such a crucial factor for the publishing companies? Let us try to find out the answers to all these prime questions, since not all our readers are Authors and are familiar with these aspects of the Publishing World.

Let us start with the Digital Author Dashboard System and find out all that one needs to know about it. Well, an Author Dashboard is a place where ‘Authors can Digitally Access’ all the relevant information related to their published books. This is the place for the Authors to track the sales of their books and earnings accrued. Also to enter information related to earning remittance, marketing options, etc.

In other words, the Author Dashboard is a personalized reporting tool, which the Publishing Companies provides to their Authors for the easy and simple access of the Authors’ Sales Figures as well as the Authors’ Accumulated Royalty Reports! Through these Digital Author Dashboards, the Authors can also view their current download information (in case of E-Books, as provided by the Amazon KDP) for every work you publish, as well as global insights into the sources of readership!

Well, with all these explanations mentioned above now you must have understood the concept of the Digital Author Dashboard System, even if you might not an Author! So, now even you can imagine how hard were the days for the Authors who belonged to an age when the Internet was not introduced in the Publishing World.

Now, coming to another very important question, i.e. why are these Digital Author Dashboard Systems so very important for the Authors? So, let us find out the answer to this! As of now, we know that, the Authors can use these Digital Author Dashboards for the purpose of quickly pulling up the statistics for their books with an ease. However, there are many more benefits of these Digital Author Dashboard Systems than just this basic one. In addition, the Authors can also explore recent data, all time, or a custom date range. Moreover, in many of the Author Dashboards, the Publishing Companies also provides the options to share the data with others and export statistics for use in external applications!

Since, we have covered both the major aspects, i.e. the concept of Author Dashboard and importance of the Author Dashboards, now we are only left with one major question to answer! Why are these Digital Author Dashboard Systems so very crucial for the Publishing Companies as well? Let us try to find out the reason behind this aspect as well.

Now, this brings us back to one scenario, which I asked you all to imagine in the beginning of this write up, imagine the life of the Authors, who were published before the internet being introduced in the publishing industry! Yes, it was extremely hard and time consuming for the Authors at that time to get the Sales and Royalty Reports of their own books. But, was this hardship only for the Authors? What about the hardships, which the Publishing Companies of those days and age faced?

If it was not for the introduction of this Digital Author Dashboard System, the publishers would still be preparing their Authors’ Sales and Royalty Reports manually and posting them to different parts of the world to the residence of their Authors; how tiring and time consuming it used to be! Thankfully, with these Digital Author Dashboard Systems, all these manual and time-consuming procedures are eliminated and now the Publishing Companies are directly providing their Authors with these Author Dashboards where life becomes easy and simple for both the Authors as well as the Publishers!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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