“The Dark Corners of My Heart” By Japleen Kaur Bindra – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

“The Dark Corners of My Heart” By Japleen Kaur Bindra – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

The Dark Corners of My Heart

They’re like the alcoves whose stillness is so intense,

As the dwelling of mysterious ghosts if in a land of heaven and hell,

Or a dive into the ocean beds to greet all those suffocating bodies of grief and anger floating in them,

With a never-ending curiosity to experience the beautiful world of coral reefs and other aquatic species,

Or fearful beaches in the islands of sudden realization where I find myself,

 Caught in the grip of fear to be attacked by giant killer whales, and conspiring hungry alligators at any time,

Turning towards me as their bloody eyes prey inside innumerable traps of emotions lying there,

Extremely special are the gut-wrenching feelings, looking for aconsolation, secluded nights’ asylum, in these corners that keep calling me…

And they continue to call me….

And call me…. until I am willing to lie down in them,

Then they let me enter and close the doors of an outside world for me….

To listen to all those voices buried under a frozen layer of ice,

Eagerly waiting to melt and smile at the union of my dear friends with me,

In those hours of rescue operation carried out in solitude,

All I feel is lost in the shadows of my former self,

And the shadows of the ones with whom I once lived and loved,

There’s still a freshness filled smiling bouquet of happiness service I am looking for,

With a lot of regretful and tearful roses scattered everywhere,

Leaving me with no more ripples of laughter for some time,

And ultimately reviving the fiery spirit in me to be a true fighter for justice,

Through seeking the power of self-questioning,

It’s like the prayer halls where I often find myself walking in,

As if I am a thirsty traveler wandering in search of a peaceful inn,

Whatever felt, said, or heard,

Is lived once again by me, never thought to be a part and parcel of,

Those old jingle bells whose melodies I have forgotten while scrambling along rocky paths,

Forever it does matter to me,

And that’s all I say,

It’s only these dark corners of my heart permanently residing in me,

Like the alcoves whose stillness is so intense,

As the dwelling of mysterious ghosts if in a land of heaven and hell,

With only a wish to forever remain the same at every life phase where,

I’d never hate to be hiding within these caves to meditate on my inner sinful layers.

But still I pray to god in these lonely corners of my heart each day,

For me and all my dear friends,

To stay as calm and courageous as a sailor on a sinking boat,

 And who gives a lesson to struggle for survival when stuck in the middle of a high tide,

While being on a silence voyage of selfless diverse, agonies of eternal silhouettes of love,

And Justice spirited halls of hope, emitting self-introspecting light of heaven to converge with the magnifying glass mirror, concentrated judgement petition objecting to the dwellings of mysteriously haunting ghosts or fearful beaches, and their deadly grips of fear.

About The Author-

The quest for bringing out the good hidden in a person through the poems is one of the mottoes of Japleen Kaur Bindra. Another reason for her passionately burning flair for romance with a fortune worth to be lived and softly interpreted as the poetic trajectory of words is that it makes you understand pin drop silence distantly located sign language of a human being or an animal which they do not express and brings you closer to your own imagination mirror self.

Japleen Kaur Bindra is a student, writer, and a poetess. She attended Guru Harkrishan Public School (India Gate) in South Delhi. She graduated with a Bachelor of Political Science (Honours) degree from the Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University and after her graduation, she completed her postgraduate studies in Political Science from Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University. She also holds a diploma course in travel and tourism from Jamia Milia Islamia and a diploma course in computer application from F-Tech. She’s also inclined to write and update my blog in Spanish language in which she shares her personal views on current issues related to any topic.

She has worked as a content writer in two organizations in Noida and Kirti Nagar. Writing poetry and short stories is her field of interest. She was so inspired by a book of Khushwant Singh that she wrote a book review of his book as one of the tasks during her course in the British Council.

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