Short Story By Srividya Muthuvel  – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Short Story By Srividya Muthuvel – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2


The legacy of cloning humans as ‘whole’ has ‘fractioned’ in pace of semination for acceptance and survival in its illusional kingdom. Multiplying of humans merely mustn’t create multiples of their genre, rather collide as factors for multiplication in versification in their genre. The premises of versatility becomes resistible only when one confers himself/herself with reliable components of fidelity and acquires the zone of common sense instead of commercial sense. The zeal of division manipulates and convincingly represents itself as the messiah characterizing the need for ‘Divisor’- (Manager) acting as in compliment for the ‘Dividend’- (People), ‘The Quotient’- (People who render and accept the conditions of the Manager), ‘Remainder’- (People who did not let themselves to be allured and stuck to the ground fact).

                    A group of Homo sapiens upon the globe had churned themselves into divisors, which acts as fickle in disseminating people’s mentality by portraying the varied concept of being ‘Rich’- (In terms of only money). This portrayal will accumulate and add to the number of Quotients – (Rich becoming richer) presenting the Divisor – (As Hero) and Remainders- (As intolerant and non-contributors towards accumulation of wealth (money) as they were not in favour of The Divisor and denied in becoming Quotients merely for commercialization of money without consciousness in growth of real progress i.e., ‘Vision of Wisdom’ rather than ‘View of Wit’.

                 Today, The World is in dire need of such wise people who dared to emancipate themselves from getting trapped into illusional desires generated by so called modern human beings who acknowledge themselves as creators of entity. The prime aspect of any human is to transform from Human Being to Being Human in order to reciprocate the values instilled in us by our ancestors (Homo Habilis) who believed in Collective and Overall Development in view of sharing Knowledge rather than assimilating it to self and through that govern the community. They believed a community can grow, rise and prosper (in terms of vision by learning not in terms of currency) only through its mutual concentrated efforts rather than stuffing the research to self-limit, that would lead to ‘Labour Class’ instead of ‘Class Labour’.

                 The Fact that is intact: LIFE CYCLE, which encompasses in itself the reality of Birth and Death. The urge of encountering the motive of one’s birth and commencing towards it with the vision for enlightening our fellow beings is the ultimate truth of existence and survival that concretes the fence of Birth while the act of self-consciousness in lifting up others creating an arena of ‘Hand Holding’ – (Growing together), rather than ‘Holding Hand’- (Individual and concentrated growth) formulates the action of Karma in Death. The Cycle of Life goes on, and as We merely act as the Carriers, let our carriers eternally dwell upon – Love, Care, Empathy and Growing together rather than, Greed, Complain, Comparison and Isolated growth. We must instill the reality that nothing is permanent no one here is eternal, as a Tree has different sized branches but carries all of them so exclusively as every branch of its either long or short enhances its beauty without being partial or jealous of each other’s growth they too contribute towards the enrichment of the tree. Both, the tree and its branches complement each other without any biasness that leads to the overall enhancement of beauty in Mother Nature, likewise a Society can only grow and prosper (Intellectually, not by money) when all humans treat and complement each other equally in terms of Humility in accordance with Humanity.

                               By, Srividya Muthuvel. 

Author Bio –

Hello Folks, I’m Srividya Muthuvel, Trained Graduate Teacher from Sarhad School Pune, Maharashtra. I have won IWM BEST WRITER AWARD FROM INDIAN WOMEN MOMPRENEUR AWARDS for my stories. I have won Consolation Prize in International Essay Writing Competition held by Monomousumi- (Where the Mind Dominates) and received certificate signed by Mr. Chetan Bhagat. I have won the title of Educational Reformer of the Year 2022 by ARIO NATIONAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARDS. NAVBHARAT RASHTRIYA GYANPEETH awarded me in contributing Excellency in the Field of EducationWORLD PEACE INSTITUTE OF UNITED NATIONS has conferred upon me HONORARY DOCTORATE IN TEACHING AND EDUCATION.

I personally believe in imparting

 “Knowledge’’- Know (Raw Experience), Ledge (To Render), satellites a pivotal role as it blooms up the connectors and receptors (Sensory Organs) when shared in practicality infused environment enhancing ‘Learning by Doing’. While destining knowledge one must design its journey with vividity and references which will elicit child’s imagery with consciousness allowing them to not only travel but also initiating brainstorming within them which processes itself in form of discussion that facilitates learning through analysing, understanding, and experiencing.

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