Top 9 Must Read Books in 2023 – The Literature Times

Top 9 Must Read Books in 2023 – The Literature Times

In today’s digital age, where information is readily available at our fingertips, the act of reading books may seem antiquated to some. However, the written word continues to hold immense value and remains a timeless source of knowledge, imagination, and personal growth. Books offer a unique and enriching experience that cannot be replicated by other mediums. In this article, we explore the Top 9 Must Read Books in 2023. These books have a great impact on readers.

Energize Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

In this captivating book, Gaur Gopal Das, a renowned bestselling author and esteemed life coach, delves into the intricate workings of the human mind. With a unique blend of engaging anecdotes and insightful research, Das unravels the mysteries of the mind and empowers readers to cultivate discipline for their ultimate well-being.

Within the pages of this transformative guide, Das presents a wealth of interactive exercises, meditation techniques, and practical worksheets, all meticulously designed to assist readers in harnessing the power of their minds. By incorporating these invaluable tools, individuals can reclaim control over their thoughts and emotions, paving the way for a more fulfilling and purposeful existence.

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Network Marketing Dreams Come True by Prashant Narekar

“Network Marketing Dreams Come True” This book is for every person who wants to learn network marketing business, wants to achieve success by learning and wants to make his dreams come true. In this book you will learn What is Network Marketing Business? Is it a safe business? What are the advantages of doing this business? In this business, the method has been given to improve the functioning and result of the distributor and for skill development, you have to attend meetings and seminars continuously. In this book you will learn what is the technique of plan presentation, closing technique and how to deal with objections. have to settle. You will also learn what to do and how to make it happen for your dreams in this book! Your upline wants you the most to be a winner in this business. It may be that the formulas that are meant to be successful are sometimes left to be learned or taught. So read this book again and again and if possible make notes also. The sooner you learn the nuances of this business, the sooner your success is assured. This book is a great gift from the author to you.

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Diabetes Mellitus and its ManagementStrategies Dr. Pratima Vishwakarma

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that leads to improper assimilation of glucose in body. Nowadays it is a common disease worldwide. This book emphasizes on the detail account of diabetes, its types, experimental process use and its management by drugs and botanicals. The whole book is divided into seven chapters, each focusing on some important aspects.

Dr. Pratima Vishwakarma has done B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. She has published fifteen research articles, and four book chapters in various national and international reputed journals. She has presented papers at more than 20 national and international seminars/symposia/conferences with in India.

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Doglapan by Ashneer Grover

This is the unfettered story of Ashneer Grover-the favourite and misunderstood poster boy of Start-up India. Raw, gut-wrenching in its honesty and completely from the heart, this is storytelling at its finest. A young boy with a ‘refugee’ tag growing up in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar outpaces his circumstances by becoming a rank-holder at the pinnacle of academic excellence in India-IIT Delhi. He goes on to do an MBA from the hallowed halls of IIM Ahmedabad, builds a career as an investment banker at Kotak Investment Banking and AmEx, and is pivotal in the making of two unicorns-Grofers, as CFO, and BharatPe, as co-founder. As a judge on the popular TV show Shark Tank India, Ashneer becomes a household name even as his life turns upside down. Controversy, media spotlight, garrulous social media chatter descend, making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

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How to Accelerate Your Professional Growth by Kums

The author’s intention in crafting this book is to make it a concise and accessible resource that can be readily referred to whenever needed. With a deliberate focus on brevity and clarity, readers can swiftly grasp the core principles and teachings without the need for extensive time or effort. The author understands that our lives are filled with numerous commitments and responsibilities, and therefore aims to provide practical insights that can be implemented effortlessly.

By embracing the guidance presented within these pages, readers will discover that they possess the ability to make significant and transformative changes in their careers. Through a deep understanding of the concepts outlined in the book, individuals can channel their existing efforts in unique and innovative ways. This enables them to unlock their true potential, paving the way for remarkable advancements and achievements in their professional lives.

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My Life in Design by Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan strikes the perfect balance between her sense of design and personality, and factors in the clients’ brief while transforming a space into something that the user can truly call their own. She uses her quiet, elegant style and charming-yet-sophisticated aesthetic to create a space the client can enjoy. A common thread that runs right through the process is the meticulous attention to detail, which juxtaposes the practical with the luxurious. Since its launch, design originality, intricate detailing and one-of-a-kind workmanship have been the foundations of Gauri Khan Designs.

In her coffee table book, My Life in Design, she charts out her journey as a designer with exclusive pictures of her and her family-Shah Rukh, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. Unseen images of her Mumbai residence, Mannat, and the design thought-processes that went into it as well as other key projects are part of the book as well. She also imparts tips to those aspiring to get into her field of work and the laypeople who want to learn more about the fascinating and inspiring world of design.

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6 Essential Life Management Skills from Bhagavad Gita by Dr. Prem Prakash Pathak

Book: This book presents six essential life management skills from Bhagavad Gita with 20+ practice sessions. These skills are Listening skill; Emotional intelligence; Understanding people; Developing Divine character; Acquiring right attitude; and SAP coaching model. Bhagavad Gita provides theoretical and practical knowledge which are both prodigious and numinous. It gives us direction for living a happy, satisfied, and regulated life with complete responsibility and accountability for our actions. It was taught to the leaders of the society so that they can give protection and lead entire humanity with complete responsibility towards their physical, economical, intellectual, and spiritual growth Arjuna was overpowered by life’s dilemma just before the great war of Kurukshetra, Mahabharat. He was not able to make any decision, sat down on his chariot putting down his Gandiva, and refused to accept success. Lord Krishna, the originator of Vedas and object of Vedic knowledge, spoke to Arjuna on various subject matters which helped him in making the final decision and utilize his potential to fullest. Lord Krishna used SAP coaching model to motivate Arjuna to fix his goal and motivated him to strive for it. The book describes the SAP coaching model as used by Lord Krishna and discusses its utility in corporate settings for individual and professional growth. Through insightful meanings of slokas, case studies, and practical tips, Prem Prakash Pathak has made it easier to understand and apply the six essential life management skills for readers.

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You Can Crack the Job Interview by Satya Sidhartha Panda

In “YOU CAN CRACK THE JOB INTERVIEW,” acclaimed author Satya Sidhartha Panda shares his unwavering optimism in readers’ ultimate career success, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm for their job hunt. With a profound belief in their ability to excel in job interviews, Panda calls upon individuals to take ultimate responsibility for their job-hunting and interview success. Throughout the book, he provides invaluable guidance and motivation, emphasizing the transformative power of a can-do attitude in differentiating between merely securing a job and building a fulfilling career.

In today’s challenging landscape, where job opportunities are scarce and competition is fierce at every level, Panda highlights the critical importance of mastering the lessons presented within this book. Merely possessing qualifications is no longer sufficient, as even exceptionally qualified candidates encounter frustration in their job search endeavors. Job interviews have increasingly become a screening mechanism, making it imperative for aspiring jobseekers to stand out.

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Walking The Shadows by Anu Hinge

This book is all about self love, self discovery, self forgiveness, self respect, empowerment, healing, happiness and the real meaning of life. The shadows of our lives are most painful moments but rising above the judgement and pain is most important. This book will motivate you to rise from those ashes and spread your wings like the Phoenix. The true meaning of being in this world, the blessing of seeing this beauty of nature and beauty of our souls. No matter where we go, the Shadows are always with us, but embracing, accepting and working with them always makes the soul proud. The happiness is never offered from others, it is always within and once we crack the code of our being, we found our place of living; the inner peace. There’s always light at the end, the light which was always with us, guiding through the journey of shadows; the grace of the soul.

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