“Deliver Successful Projects Using 13 Secrets” By The Author Mohit Jain-Book Review

“Deliver Successful Projects Using 13 Secrets” By The Author Mohit Jain-Book Review

Project management is the process in which there are the works of a team which is to be led by the head/project manager or the team to attain some goals and achieve a level within a time’s threshold. The secondary constraints are scope, time, and budget, but the primary is the determination to work upon a particular project and execute it in a way that it is a success.

Similarly, in this book “Deliver Successful Projects Using 13 Secrets” by the author Mohit Jain, is written to explore the different fields of management of such projects with flexibility and it shares top thirteen secrets for the readers to gain a meaningful knowledge from reading such a book, leading to a fruitful career or business.

This book is divided into two parts by the author who has delivered various Digital Transformation projects successfully in terms of the Triple Constraints of Scope, Schedule, and Cost.

The first part which is talked about in this book by the author is about the overall processes which should be utilised based on his learnings and from his experiences. The author says that as he has been a guide and had help his counterparts and others had given him an opportunity to get deeper into the way of execution and he has also got deep insights into how the project managers (in general) must execute a particular task.

In the second part of the book he discusses the key skills each project manager should possess to make their projects successful and meet the required criteria. This book is meant for those who have just been assigned a project and would like to navigate the typical pitfalls while executing them.

In this book he has divided the project into five dimensions. First comes the ‘Project Initiation’ (In this phase, one identifies what and why the project is about). Second comes the ‘Project Planning Phase’ (In this phase, one identifies how it is to be executed). Third comes the ‘Project Execution’ (In this phase, one starts working on the activities/tasks to product the results and come out in flying colours.

Fourth comes the ‘Project Monitoring and Control'(In this phase, one verifies whether the project is producing the desired outcomes or corrective actions are warranted). Fifth comes the ‘Project Closure'(In this phase, all the activities related to its completion are interpreted and analyzed leading to a conclusion). This includes lessons learnt in the project also.

The book consists of thirteen chapters each consisting of a management secret and has delivered all the particular and minute knowledge the author possesses from his past experiences. The page which comes after the preface is written about the journey from his own life which us named “My journey from zero to hero”, depicting of how he was not known about the management executions once and now after frequent practices and acknowledgments he has become a professional in management of such tasks or projects from various fields.

To conclude, this book is a ‘must-read’ for everyone once in their life who must have found difficulty in framing the concept of project management or has difficulty in the management of it.

This book is where all the doubts can be cleared and resolved without leaving the reader’s mind with any sort of questions anymore.

Reviewed By: Soudia parveen

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